6 Things I Learnt During My Sophomore Year in University

College is an exciting yet nerve-wracking time for alot of us, here are some tips and what I learnt during my second year in my home university, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Continue reading 6 Things I Learnt During My Sophomore Year in University


Thoughts: Endless Firsts

In life, we experience so many firsts, be it good or bad, and because of these firsts, we start to become numb when we experience them a second time. This is why often as adults, or even when we start growing up, we always express ourselves wanting to go back to our childhood days, where everything was new to us.  Continue reading Thoughts: Endless Firsts

Walking among Giants

Hi everyone! Managed to squeeze some time to type this. Currently applying a honey face mask I got from my Jeju trip (trip tickets and hotel courtesy of Innisfree). It’s been a few hectic weeks because university just started and the whole momentum is just kind of difficult to pick up. Really wishing I can blog about my Jeju trip soon – visited some very lovely cafes and Continue reading Walking among Giants